Relaxed Hair

My Natural Journey! by Erin Baynham

Miss Yummy411 is tracking her loc'ing, and I decided that maybe I should do the same. I cut off my relaxed hair on Super Bowl Sunday 2006, last February. I went through a hell of a transition, trying to gain the courage to wear my natural hair. I didn't expect a soft mane, no spring curls or super long length. But, I did notice that I had random spring coils here and there. They just suddenly emerged. Then, months later, I realized I had them everywhere. Months after that, I realized that my hair was nothing but springy coils. Whoa, what a crazy transition! Here's a picture of me with my relaxed mohawk, created at Hair On You in Ft. Meade, MD. I really miss going to the salon!!!

Here's my hair, just 10 months ago. It's super short, and super scary for me!!! I really just went natural so my hair would get a bit thicker and a little longer. I was so sick of the breakage to to relaxers, the itchy new growth, and all the other drama. Well, I can't say that natural hair is any easier. I wash my hair with conditioner ever day or every other day, then I apply glycerin and aloe vera gel, leave-in conditioner or curling aides like Fantasia IC with Sparklites or Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding.

Here's my hair about 7 months after I cut I did the chop. It's long enough to do a puff. It's not a ponytail though, big difference. I was so excited, I felt like I could walk out of the house with a style that suited me. My hair was super soft and supple! I finally figured out how to conquer the dry demon. I had been hiding my hair under braids, wigs and scarves for the previous 7 months. But, you know they love natural hair in NYC. So, I took my wig off and rocked my new do' proudly!

Well here it is, about a month ago. Can you see the coils?? That particular day, I created a homemade deep conditioner made of pureed banana, honey and extra virgin olive oil. Then, I soaked my hair in a mixture of store bought conditioners. I rinsed my hair out, and this is what it left me. I'm not sure if the hair color loosened my curl pattern, but I'm loving it either way! I must say that I am happy about my transition, I barely have any breakage, and my hair is thick and healthy for the first time in years!

To view my hair progress while I was relaxed and natural, check out my photo album.

The Relaxed Days... by Erin Baynham

Sometimes, I miss being relaxed. Rarely actually. I'm not one of those natural girls that preaches her nappturality or is spiritually attached to it. My hair was just weak and brittle during my bone-straight days, so I tried a different approach. Even with my natural hair, I'll probably wear it blown out and flat-ironed. My hair began to flourish as I learned some tricks of my girls at the LHCF. I tried a few, and these are what helped bring my hair back to life! Here's some new info and a compilation of previous posts.

Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo was my favorite hair cleanser. It seemed to wash my hair without stripping it, which I loved. I always felt like my hair was genuinely clean when using it, which I did once or twice a week.

Mmmmm. Mizani Moisturfuse Conditioner. I forgot how much I adore this stuff. I'm in love with My Keracare Humecto, and I adore this stuff as well. This is by far the creamiest conditioner that I have ever come in contact with. Just the feel of it on your hands reminds me of an uber expensive body cream. The second that it touches your hair, your can feel how moisturized your tresses instantly become. Yep, its a bit expensive. But it's soooo well worth it. If you have any signs of dry hair, this is the first conditioner that I would recommend.

Now, If you want to put out a few more dollars, this Keracare Essential Oils for the Hair is the TRUTH. The moment you see and smell this stuff, you know that it is salon quality. The shine is unbelievable, and I can almost bet that no matter how damaged your hair might be, this will make it look like a million bucks. You will find nothing but sunflower seed, peanut, castor, coconut, jojoba, sesame, aloe vera, almond, and olive oil goodness in this bottle. This does contain to things that I have never heard of, propylparaben and BHA, as well as perfume. But, I don't care! I use this stuff sparingly, because it is expensive. I still use my Surge Lotion Motion #9 when I'm feeling cheap. I highly recommend you order online at Irby's.

They have outstanding prices! $9.99 for 4oz and $15.99 for 8 oz.

I also loved deep-conditioning my hair. Often times, I always used olive oil. This tried and true beauty trick is a winner! I'd drench my hair in oil, put on a shower cap, and handle my business. After a half-hour minimum, my hair was penetrated with moisture. Any brand will do, just go to the supermarket and pick up a bottle! Or, go ahead and mix some with your favorite conditioner for a custom made treatment.

I didn't have relaxed hair when this came out, but I know both naturals and relaxed sistas that use it and have miraculous results!

Whoever says that your hair can't grow fast is very wrong. I am so thrilled to have found Boundless Tressed Growth Serum!!! I bought this after reading tons of threads on my favorite discussion board, Long Hair Care Forum. I noticed a frantic thread titled "Naturallady...I need odorless MTG!!!!" For those of you that don't know, MTG is an oil that helps your hair grow. It was origionally made for people, but marketed for horses. Let's not forget it smells like bacon. Hmmm. Anyway, this odorless MTG reportedly made your hair grow quick, and didn't have a smell! I had to buy it. It only took me a week and a half to see noticable results. That is insane! I have a full hairline again!!! I am soooooo happy! My hair is softer and less coarse! The best part...a bottle is only $12!!!! So if you want long, flowing, thick, healthy hair, check this out!!!

Make your hair grow NOW...Check out Boundless Tresses Here!!!

I really, really wanted to try this. Our friends at Phyto created the Phytospecific Phytorelaxer. It's about time that someone realized they could make oodles of money for creating this! The site says "Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Index 2 is a gentle formula for straightening and smoothing normal, thick, and coarse hair. Egg and soy complex gently straighten even resistant hair and is very mild on the scalp. Does not contain Lye." Phytorelaxer=WAY less damage. There is also the Index 1 relaxer for fine/delicate hair. I believe I read that Oprah uses this on her hair, don't quote me though.

Until next time, Stay Scandalous!