Media Kit Crash Course for Bloggers and Brands (Free Download) by Erin Baynham

the media kit crash courseIt's no secret that I'm passionate about media kits. They're absolutely essential for growing your blog or brand, especially if you want to reach out and work with brands, sponsors, etc. I send out my media kit a few times a month, and believe me, if I didn't have one, I wouldn't be able to get so many awesome opportunities. Creating a media kit is one of those things that I constantly put off, but once it was done, I felt so much better. Carve out an hour or so, and make sure that you've got everything on your new (or existing) media kit! Click the "read more" button to get started.

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10 Essential Apps for Bloggers by Erin Baynham

The best apps for bloggers Blogging isn't one of those things that has to be done with a fancy iMac or laptop. Many people blog directly from their phones. When I have down time, especially if I end up at a coffee shop, my first thought is to pull out my phone and brainstorm, edit posts or draft new ones. Here are ten of the apps that I use to keep my blog up and running.

Wordpress I've been a faithful Wordpress user for years now, and I always use my app to write on the go. I've had to edit posts while I don't have access to my laptop, and this has definitely been a big help. Also, adding photos from your gallery is a breeze!

Voice Memo I brain dump here all the time! I've used this for interviews, and to start getting ideas or bullet points for a post or project.

Pomodoro This is one of the ways I make my blogging schedule work (when I'm trying, of course). I can easily time myself to make sure that every post gets a set amount of time for writing, editing, photos, etc.

VSCOcam Because it's basically the best photo editing app out there. I'm not sure what else to say about it. Everyone needs it.

Over I use this to write text over pictures.

Drive I store lots of drafts here. Again, it's a huge help for planning.

Dropbox I've got all kinds of documents saved here, including photos, videos and text docs. It's easy to share and collaborate with it.

Flickr I use the auto-upload feature to back up all of the photos on my phone. This makes editing and saving a breeze. I have no idea how I lived without this before.

Wunderlist I keep my to-do's here. You can create folders with individual tasks, and be as detailed as you'd like to be.

Mailchimp When I monitor my newsletters that go out, this is how I do it. I can test emails to see how they'll open on mobile devices, and there are plenty of statistics that pull right up when you want to see how a campaign is doing.

Fellow digital creators, what are your favorite apps for blogging? Leave a comment and let me know what we should try!

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My Three Step, Foolproof Strategy to Consistent Blogging by Erin Baynham

series Last month, I cranked out my goal of 15 posts in a month. In fact, I did 18 posts, which is a little over three posts per week. I know my limits, and having posts up Monday through Friday just isn't in my plans. This month, I'm off to the slowest start ever. You know why I made my 3x weekly goal last go round, not this time? I didn't use the strategy. Read on, my friends.

Plan for the month ahead

A few weeks before hand, I opened my editorial calendar plugin and drafted post titles for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the following month. I used old drafts that I never got around to completing, series that I wanted to keep up with, and new articles that I was itching to get out.

Write, write, write

This piggyback's on this article from a year ago, but you just need to write. Don't take pictures, don't plan your social media messaging. Get the words on paper, and knock out as much as you can ahead of time. To do this, I entered all of the post titles in Google Drive. Then, as tedious as it may seem, I set my clock for five minutes, and spent the entire time writing the copy for every post. You'd be surprised how much writing and brain dumping you can do in 300 seconds. Once the buzzer went off, I'd repeat. By the time I went through all the posts, I had a healthy start. Make sure everything is written at least a week early, as a buffer.

Every day or so, I'd add more content to the posts, if necessary. Write for a few mins, edit, add links, and then schedule the post to go out.

Plug in

The weekend before, I take all the pictures I needed in bulk, edited them all and plugged them into the appropriate post. If I was doing a makeup look or something that was more time sensitive or not scheduled, I'd have them ready to go a week in advance. If I scattered this process, I didn't get it done. Trust me, I was almost late with some posts because I didn't handle this part in batches. I scheduled some of my social media posts, but not all.

That's it!

Yeah, I know it's a time consuming process, and it sounds easier than what it really is, but all of that writing in bulk and batch photography helps so much.  I'm actually working on this for September, since August has been a bit of a bust for me. If  you have any blogging tips to share, spill the beans in the comments section!