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My Natural Journey! by Erin Baynham

Miss Yummy411 is tracking her loc'ing, and I decided that maybe I should do the same. I cut off my relaxed hair on Super Bowl Sunday 2006, last February. I went through a hell of a transition, trying to gain the courage to wear my natural hair. I didn't expect a soft mane, no spring curls or super long length. But, I did notice that I had random spring coils here and there. They just suddenly emerged. Then, months later, I realized I had them everywhere. Months after that, I realized that my hair was nothing but springy coils. Whoa, what a crazy transition! Here's a picture of me with my relaxed mohawk, created at Hair On You in Ft. Meade, MD. I really miss going to the salon!!!

Here's my hair, just 10 months ago. It's super short, and super scary for me!!! I really just went natural so my hair would get a bit thicker and a little longer. I was so sick of the breakage to to relaxers, the itchy new growth, and all the other drama. Well, I can't say that natural hair is any easier. I wash my hair with conditioner ever day or every other day, then I apply glycerin and aloe vera gel, leave-in conditioner or curling aides like Fantasia IC with Sparklites or Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding.

Here's my hair about 7 months after I cut I did the chop. It's long enough to do a puff. It's not a ponytail though, big difference. I was so excited, I felt like I could walk out of the house with a style that suited me. My hair was super soft and supple! I finally figured out how to conquer the dry demon. I had been hiding my hair under braids, wigs and scarves for the previous 7 months. But, you know they love natural hair in NYC. So, I took my wig off and rocked my new do' proudly!

Well here it is, about a month ago. Can you see the coils?? That particular day, I created a homemade deep conditioner made of pureed banana, honey and extra virgin olive oil. Then, I soaked my hair in a mixture of store bought conditioners. I rinsed my hair out, and this is what it left me. I'm not sure if the hair color loosened my curl pattern, but I'm loving it either way! I must say that I am happy about my transition, I barely have any breakage, and my hair is thick and healthy for the first time in years!

To view my hair progress while I was relaxed and natural, check out my photo album.