Natural Hair

Ledisi is the New Face of Design Essentials! by Erin Baynham

DE_ledisi16799 2When I get the news that my fellow loc lockers  are getting major hair deals, I'm over the moon!!! I see a million of us out and about, but we are fiercely under represented in the ad world. The exciting news? Ledisi is the new face of Design Essentials!

Let's take a minute and truly get into this promo shot. Her hair is thick, luscious and totally swoon-worthy. For the last four years, I've wanted to do two things to my locs: Combine them to make them thicker, and dye them. This pic might make me take the leap!

Here what Ledisi had to say about some of her favorites from Design Essentials:DE NATURAL_EDGE_TAMER 2

"The Honey & Shea Edge Tamer saved my life! When I have to be on the road and on camera, after a full show or signing CD's, then appearing on a morning show, the Edge Tamer helps me get camera ready"

Natural-Twist-and-Set (2)

"It was hard to find the right setting gel to curl my hair because it's so thick and it's loc'd. I love the Twist & Set Setting Lotion because it's the only thing that makes a nice curl and is light enough that my hair still bounces. And because locs get dry, my stylist, Michelle recommends I use coconut oil for moisture. With Design Essentials® Natural's new Coconut & Monoi line, I'm able to get that moisture in multiple forms, from the Deep Moisture Oil Treatment to the Intense Shine Oil Mist."CM Group Shot Final-2

I covet my Design Essentials products! I use the DE Natural line of Kaitlyn and I, and they are definitely top notch products. You know you really like something when you use a little at a time, working hard to make it stretch! If this new line gets the okay from Ledisi, let me go ahead and give them a shot!! DE_ledisi16799 2

Fly and Natural by Erin Baynham

I'm on a 30 day mission to keep my hair twisted. I want low manipulation for growth, strength and low key maintenance. It's really going well! I'm on day 18 of the challenge, and it's going great! I have been doing twist outs on my twists, to give them a curly/wavy effect. I'll be posting tutorials and documenting my process at Naturally Scandalous, my Natural Hair Blog. To see how I created this style, check me out over there! If you want to learn how to wash, moisturize and take care of natural hair, check me out on my Natural Hair Youtube Channel, NaturallyScandalous.

My Natural Journey! by Erin Baynham

Miss Yummy411 is tracking her loc'ing, and I decided that maybe I should do the same. I cut off my relaxed hair on Super Bowl Sunday 2006, last February. I went through a hell of a transition, trying to gain the courage to wear my natural hair. I didn't expect a soft mane, no spring curls or super long length. But, I did notice that I had random spring coils here and there. They just suddenly emerged. Then, months later, I realized I had them everywhere. Months after that, I realized that my hair was nothing but springy coils. Whoa, what a crazy transition! Here's a picture of me with my relaxed mohawk, created at Hair On You in Ft. Meade, MD. I really miss going to the salon!!!

Here's my hair, just 10 months ago. It's super short, and super scary for me!!! I really just went natural so my hair would get a bit thicker and a little longer. I was so sick of the breakage to to relaxers, the itchy new growth, and all the other drama. Well, I can't say that natural hair is any easier. I wash my hair with conditioner ever day or every other day, then I apply glycerin and aloe vera gel, leave-in conditioner or curling aides like Fantasia IC with Sparklites or Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding.

Here's my hair about 7 months after I cut I did the chop. It's long enough to do a puff. It's not a ponytail though, big difference. I was so excited, I felt like I could walk out of the house with a style that suited me. My hair was super soft and supple! I finally figured out how to conquer the dry demon. I had been hiding my hair under braids, wigs and scarves for the previous 7 months. But, you know they love natural hair in NYC. So, I took my wig off and rocked my new do' proudly!

Well here it is, about a month ago. Can you see the coils?? That particular day, I created a homemade deep conditioner made of pureed banana, honey and extra virgin olive oil. Then, I soaked my hair in a mixture of store bought conditioners. I rinsed my hair out, and this is what it left me. I'm not sure if the hair color loosened my curl pattern, but I'm loving it either way! I must say that I am happy about my transition, I barely have any breakage, and my hair is thick and healthy for the first time in years!

To view my hair progress while I was relaxed and natural, check out my photo album.