Because I really love green eye shadow..

Stila La Douce
As you already know, I rarely wear eye shadow. But I knew I wanted to do a video the other day, and I knew that I was in an eye shadow mood. I probably own close to 200 eye shadows, but I probably wear 12 of them. (What can I say. I’m a collector!) I decided to wear Stila La Douce, One of those golden greens that looks freakin’ awesome on everyone! I ended up pairing it with MAC Femme Noir eye shadow on the outer lid, and Saddle and Folie lightly in the crease.

You can check out the video below:


GlamGlow Youthmud: Pricey, Amazing (But Use It Fast Because Weird Things Happen)

Glamglow Youthmud Review I’ve basically used every type of GlamGlow mud there is. And to be honest, I can’t tell the difference between the Youthmud, Thirstymud or Supermud, but I know my skin feels soft and insanely clean after I use all three. The eye masque didn’t do much for me, but it sure looked cool.

Glamglow Youthmud Review

So here’s my issue. This stuff basically finishes itself off before you can use it. This hard piece came out of the tube. Every time I’ve used the Youthmud and Supermud, I’ve had the same issue. It has happened in every sample tube and jar that I’ve ever purchased.  [Read More…]

New Blog Designs Available!

Wordpress Template by The Haute Blogger


Guys, I am so excited. When I launched my web design business a few weeks ago, I had some very clear goals in mind. Phase one was to launch media kit themes. Phase two was to launch blog templates. Phase three, well that’s under wraps until it launches. I’ve had a really fun time working on this business.

Today I posted two new, super simple, ultra chic WordPress templates that can easily be used for beauty, fashion, lifestyle…or any blogger for that matter. They are ultra customizable and I couldn’t be more excited! View them both here at my shop!

Base Guide: L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup in N8 Cappucino

After many months, I’ve finally decided to dive in and try L’Oreal True Match. Other than Black Opal Stick Foundations and Revlon ColorStay (which I can never find my shade in), this is the foundation I hear about the most.

L'Oreal Truematch N8 Cappucino Review and Swatches

L'Oreal Truematch N8 Cappucino Review and SwatchesThis is a foundation that’s basically available at all drugstores and convenience stores. It’s under $10, and there are enough shades that lots of us can take advantage.

L'Oreal Truematch N8 Cappucino Review and Swatches and comparison

I purchased N8, Cappucino, because it looked like most of the other shades of foundation that I own.  I swatched the foundation next to a couple of my old faithfuls, Urban Decay Naked Skin and Becca Ultimate Coverage. It’s got a good mix of warm and cool (hence neutral), so I was optimistic from the start. [Read More…]

My First Week as a Business Owner. WHOA.

The Haute Blogger Media Kit ThemesLast Monday, I finally started my new business. The Haute Blogger Design Co. is my blog design and web development company that I’ve been dreaming about for a couple years now. I can’t believe how many hours I’ve put into it! So many hours, in fact, that I haven’t been doing much with Scandalous Beauty. I can’t tell you how much I miss beauty blogging!

At the moment, I sell media kit themes that help advertisers, sponsors and collaborators learn more about your blog or small business. The traditional, more well known method is a PDF or other paper document that you can submit via email or in person. But what if you really want to stand out and do something different than the hundreds of others competing with you? You share a web media kit, of course! It’s loaded with links, photos, videos, etc. I’ve got several of those templates (along with a crash course media kit guide, and some media kit PDFs available here.

I’m thinking ahead and I have some exciting things to share, but I just wanted to let you know what it’s like over here. Since it’s my first week as a Etsy shop owner, I thought I’d share some of that experience. There have been a lot of highs, and not so many lows. I’ve only had one sale. I’m not upset about that, because in all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect. I get a lot of questions about the media kits, because a lot of people don’t realize how powerful they are.

So here’s what I do all day, every day. I check my shop stats to see if anyone has looked at or favorited any items. I analyze the keywords. I continue working on templates that I plan to debut in March. I pin a few more items to my blogging board on Pinterest. I jump in the Etsy groups I’m part of on Facebook and see what they’re talking about. I check my social media accounts and email to see if anyone has made inquiries. And then I do it all over again the next day.

Overall, it’s a very different experience than blogging. I put tons of time into creating themes, making installation documents, writing descriptions and the 30 other tasks to list products. It’s exciting to be able share that product with the world! Next up, I’m working on some WordPress themes that should be out before the second week in March. It’s a really exciting time for me, and I am anxious to show you what’s next!!

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