My first week of motherhood / by Erin Baynham

  Long time no see! Over the holiday break, I finally gave birth to baby Cameron. I knew it would be tough to find time to write, but it was way harder than I thought. I'm literally blogging from my phone right now, with the baby in my left arm and the phone in my right. 

So, since you see I'm kind of short on time, let me tell you some of the ups and downs that I've experienced so far. 

The days and nights have basically run together. The baby nurses a lot and sleeps a lot, just like any other newborn. I'm tired all the time.

Then there was the stuff I wasn't ready for (possibly TMI, you've been warned).  I was nursing him exclusively, but my breasts were getting totally beat up. My nipples felt like they were being smashed between bricks every time he latched on. After I started pumping more and using some of the formula samples we were given, things got much better. I didn't realize I'd be bleeding (just like my period!) post baby. Your body goes through war creating, developing and delivering a baby. I guess it makes sense to have so many changes! 

Everyone says sleep when the baby sleeps, which I do half of the time. Otherwise, when do I do laundry or cook dinner or any of that stuff? I'm also having a lot of trouble putting him down when he sleeps. This is gonna bite me in the butt soon, so I have to get in the habit of laying him down.

So, I have a few projects that I thought I'd be able to work on, but I'm so delirious half of the time, I haven't even started.  I'm excited to start working on his baby book, and I hope I can actually find the time to begin. 

I know the first few weeks are going to be very difficult, but I'm making the best of them and definitely enjoying every minute with my son. (My son! I still can't believe it!) 

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