Inside my Makeup Vanity: Everyday Essentials and More / by Erin Baynham

IMG_7219 I was SO excited when I finally purchased my Muji acrylic organizer. It was clear, lovely, organizer perfection. But form follows function, and so far, there’s no function to my shelving at all! So I looked over my stash to see the products that I use the most, and I put them all in one easy to get to location. Truth be told, I won't have a makeup room/ office once the baby gets here, so I needed to consolidate so I could move a small section of my makeup into our already overcrowded bedroom. Check out the videos and pictures below to see what's inside!

Continue reading to see photos of my stash! 

Drawer 1

This drawer includes most of my eye products. Everything for eye shadow, brows and lashes are here. I have to say that I love the Line Stiletto liquid liner way more than the precise felt tip liner, but the Line Stiletto is getting much harder to find. I'm praying that it doesn't get discontinued!!

Drawer 2

This is a mix of face powders, a few concealers and some products to add a touch of glow. I use all of these products non-stop.

Drawer 3

Here are a few odds and ends, eye shadow bases, matte primer, a Multiple, foundation stick, shimmer powder. I probably use the Color Tatoo least of all, so maybe I'll archive that too.

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