Creating A Perfect Morning Routine (And Other Essential Skills) / by Erin Baynham

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You know what? We're living in a time where you have to show your value as an employee. It's not okay to do just basic work anymore. You're supposed to learn new things, add to your skill set, then move on to the next new, great (hopefully higher paying) gig. Most people think it's important to have higher education on your side, and when you look at many jobs out there, you'll see that employers think that too. However, there are many, many jobs where the skills that you need can be learned right at home on your own computer (or phone or tablet!).

I'm partnering with Skillshare to bring you some very cool (fun! quick!) classes to enhance your skill set, get your brain moving, and for you (and me) to get the best out of this year!  There are plenty of free classes available, but If you use this special link, you'll get three months of premium classes for only 99 cents. Yep, less than a buck. I used this same offer a few months ago, and signed up to become a premium member without hesitation. Here are five videos to get you started:

An Online Skillshare Class by Jeff Finley


An Online Skillshare Class by Brit + Co

An Online Skillshare Class by Elle Luna

An Online Skillshare Class by Jeff Finley


An Online Skillshare Class by Kate Arends


An Online Skillshare Class by Monika Kanokova


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