Using my stash while I can.. / by Erin Baynham

  I'm officially nesting. And ya know what I've added to the cleaning, organizing and planning? Wanting to use all of the makeup I own. 

I've done my fair share of giving makeup away to my friends and family. I've downsized dramatically, although I still have a well above average makeup collection. 

I know things are different because I'm reaching for things I'd typically pass over, i.e. pencil eye liners, my b-list foundations, and a couple lip glosses that have separated. ( I ended up grabbing those glosses to prepare for a B2M)

So as I go through my stash, I'm taking a deeper look at what I own and what I really want to keep. I need all of my Urban Decay palettes, my MUFE palettes and neutral MAC palettes.  I haven't used my green, blue or purple palettes in years. Time to get rid of them. I rotate maybe 10 lip colors. If I can part with my others, it's time to let the rest go. I wear the same four or five blushes, same two or three palettes, same liquid liner and mascara.

I still haven't been highlighting and contouring, wearing five shadows of putting on lashes. I'm pretty sure I'm done with all that for a long time.

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