Bliss + Kohl's=A Very Happy Erin / by Erin Baynham

This post is sponsored by Bliss / Kohl's Kohl's is one of my favorite department stores. Seriously, I get everything there--clothes, shoes, accessories, kitchenware, bed linen, beauty items--you name it. In recent years, they've revamped their beauty section. They now offer brands like Lorac, Essie, and bliss. Yes, the lovable skin and body care brand is available and ready to be purchased with my Kohl's Cash and coupons.

Let me give you a background on my experience. My mother and I both got into Bliss when we found them in our hotel bathroom during trips to NYC. We'd use teeny amounts at a time, trying to ration them out so we could take them back home. From then on, we knew Bliss was the real deal.

Bliss Available at Kohl's

I really am a big fan of warm, inviting bathroom time. I don't like to skimp out on my body wash, because I don't feel clean. I purchased two Bliss body wash/bubble bath scents, blood orange + white pepper and grapefruit + aloe. The scent is euphoric. They're so amazing, in fact, that my husband uses them too. The scents are definitely higher quality, so they stay on you longer than the other body washes I've owned. I didn't think my husband would want to smell like blood orange or grapefruit, but it never fails, he walks into the bedroom smelling like it every day (even though he has his own manly man shower stuff sitting right beside mine).

Bliss Available at Kohl's

The product I should have purchased last year was the ingrown eliminating pads. Do you remember my post about the bikini wax from hell? The shock of the hair being ripped out of my skin was pretty horrible, but the aftermath was WAY worse. Bumps. Itchy skin. Tenderness. The lady that worked at the spa recommended a pricey product (can't remember the name) that didn't have great reviews. But my friend Niki said, "Oh girl! You should get the Bliss wipes. They're amazing!" So I remembered that tidbit, and picked up a jar. Even though I'm getting to the point where I can't see down there due to a growing belly, I still want to keep it tidy!

Bliss Available at Kohl's

So in the event that you're looking for new skincare, hair removal items, etc., check out Bliss at Kohl's!

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