Blog Sale: Nars and MAC Cosmetics / by Erin Baynham

Blog Sale I'm having a very small blog sale! These are all products that I purchased, but haven't used in awhile. Everything will be sold on a first come, first served basis based on the google doc at the bottom of the post. I'll have the status of each product beside it (to say if it has been sold or pending).

Prices: To make it fair (and easier for me), all Nars products are sold at 30% off of their current retail price, all MAC products are sold at 40% off of their current retail price.  This is the price that I paid for the products. I don't really want to sell any of these products, but someone else might be able to use them more than I can. It was hard for me to part with them! If any products don't get sold, I'll be happy to keep them in my collection!

To submit an order: If you are interested in a product, please complete the form below. I'll send an invoice as soon as I can. Again, every request will be filled in the order that it is received.

Please Note:

  • U.S. Residents Only
  • Everything has been tested/used.
  • All products will be shipped on Saturday, September 8th
  • All orders will have a $3 shipping/materials fee and delivery confirmation
  • Must pay 3 hours after invoice is sent or you forfeit your requests
  • Sorry, no returns/exchanges

Sale Ends Wednesday, September 4th at 8pm EST. 


Nars Albatross and Pink Panther

Albatross--Originally $24, My Price: $16 (SOLD)

Pink Panther Cream Shadow Duo--Originally $34, My Price: $24

Nars Portobello and Persepolis

Persepolis Eye Shadow Duo--Originally $34, My Price: $24

Portobello Eye Shadow Duo--Originally $34, My Price: $24

NARS Night Clubbing and Night Flight

Night Flight Eye Shadow--Originally $24, My Price: $16

Night Clubbing Eye Shadow--Originally $24, My Price: $16

Nars Galapagos and Twisted

Galapagos--Originally $24, My Price: $16 (SOLD)

Twisted--Originally $24, My Price: $16 (SOLD)


MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Dark and Deep Dark

Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Dark--Originally $29, My Price: $17 (SOLD)

Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Deep Dark--Originally $29, My Price: $16 (I used this a few times) (SOLD)

MAC Comfort and Sunny by Nature Mineralize Skin Finish

Mineralize Skin Finish Comfort--Originally $29, My Price: $17 (payment pending)

Mineralize Skin Finish Sunny by Nature--Originally $29, My Price: $17 (SOLD)

MAC Studio Fix C7 for saleStudio Fix, C7--Originally $27, My Price: $16 (Does not include sponge) (SOLD)

MAC Violet, Gold Stroke and Blue Brown Pigments for sale Gold Stroke Pigment--Originally $21, My Price: $12 (SOLD)

Violet Pigment--Originally $21, My Price: $12 (SOLD)

Blue Brown Pigment--Originally $21, My Price: $12 (SOLD)

MAC Azreal Blue, Circa Plum and Silver pigments for sale

Azreal Blue Pigment--Originally $21, My Price: $12

Circa Plum Pigment--Originally $21, My Price: $12 (SOLD)

Silver Pigment --Originally $21, My Price: $12 (pending payment)

MAC Apricot Pink, Pinked Mauve and Crystalled Pink Glitter

Apricot Pink Pigment--Originally $21, My Price: $12 (payment pending)

Pink Mauve Pigment--Originally $21, My Price: $12 (payment pending)

Crystalled Pink Glitter--Originally $21, My Price: $12

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