Video Review: Mally Face Defender Really Works! No More Powder (Maybe) / by Erin Baynham

  Yep, I really had a puzzled look on my face too. The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender makes no sense to me. So naturally, I had to try it. Mally was being her typical bubbly, exciting self explaining and demonstrating the product, but I still just didn't get it!

I figured it would wipe out the shine. It did more than that.

I was matte.

Purely matte. Like packed me down with a large powder fluff matte. But I only used that random clear face item. It's silky and goes away easily. I used the sponge that came with it, as well as my faithful Alcone sponges.

This is probably a makeup artist's holy grail product. You can use this one item that comes in a translucent color on men, women, boys and girls. It's definitely a genius product. As far as never using powder again, I can't say all that. There are certain powders that I still use all the time, like the Banana Powder. But Mally's Poreless Defender will be in my bag no matter where I go!

Here's my latest video where I demonstrated the Face Defender. You be the judge!

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