The Self Care Episode with Olivia Jade / by Erin Baynham


If you've ever felt the overwhelm of every day life, today's episode is a must listen! I'm interviewing Olivia Jade (Twitter | Blog), whose tweets and blog posts absolutely moved me. We'll chat about keeping your mental sanity, her cleansing morning and evening rituals, the law of attraction and dozens of ideas for self care at home. This episode will give you life!!! NOTE: This episode is a heavy one, with mentions of abusive, lots of F-bombs and talk of self-pleasure. It's definitely a NSFW experience. : ) 

Connect with Olivia:
Blog: Drinking The Sun
Twitter: @akaOliviaJade 

Listen to the episode here: 

I can’t be myself as a brand if I can’t be my healthy self.
— Olivia Jade

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