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Fabulous Makeup Storage Ideas by Erin Baynham

Yesterday, I stated on twitter that I need new makeup storage. I'm one of those girls that still lives at home, and lets her savings account steadily grow for her new home. I'd love the tiny small bedroom in my home to be a closet/makeup studio. There, I'd live a vanity with a 10x mirror, and deluxe beauty storage. Until then, I have a one bedroom that is a library, office, makeup studio, living room and things of the like. Julia Coney of All About The Pretty told me to organize very carefully. Plastic bins, clearly labeled. As a blogger, you can use a bin for products that you have reviewed, need to be reviewed, need to give away. Also, you can separate by color, brand or product.  There are so many options!

Check out my makeup buddy Reena. She has the most intense, well organized makeup storage I've ever seen. This is one of my makeup friends, Reena. This video just focuses on her lipgloss storage. It's beyond creative! This is one of her few storage videos. Check her out at


Here are a few more links to people with great ideas for makeup storage. Just click the image to go to their organization blog posts!

Nikkia of Silver Lips Beauty uses this mesh drawer set as one of her solutions.

How about this screensheet from the Kardashian's bathroom via! also has a really great post on her makeup storage.  It's a must see!

Also, The Glamorous Gleam, Makeup by Ren Ren, Beautylish, Maquilage Masstige and Shelterness have fab ideas!