RuPaul's Drag Race

Celebrity Makeup Artist Interview: Billy B. Talks RuPaul's Drag Race, Regrets and Lauryn Hill by Erin Baynham

On October 30, 2009, I had an idea to interview celebrity makeup artists. After all, beauty journalism is what I love for! I compiled a list of 30 people to interview, and naturally, Billy B. was at the top of the list. I shot him an email that day, and I felt optimistic. He wrote back and obliged, but told me he was busy, so we'd have to schedule it at another time. A few minutes later, he sent me an email with a single image in it. The shot was going to hit the newstands of a new client that he'd been working with for awhile.

Fast forward to May of 2011. I posted part one of our Skype interview on Youtube. This is a twenty minute portion of our interview. Billy was so real, so much fun, so awesome. His show Hometown Renovation debuts tomorrow, Friday May 20th at 5pm EST. We travel with him to his hometown and watch as he restores the beautiful homes of Mississippi. Can't wait!

In the video, we discuss the famous RuPaul's Drag Race [which you know I adore], and someone I've been dying to ask him about for years: Lauryn Hill. Not only is Ex-Factor one of my favorite songs ever, the video has been etched into my mind for delivering such remarkable imagery. I saw the video long before I ever had my first broken heart, and during that first heartbreak, this video [along with many others, plus drinks, sappy movies and all the other typical sad crap] got me through it. Ugh, the hair, the cream outfit, the dark club, intense shades of blues, this video gives me life!

For more information on Billy, here's [most of his] portfolio, twitter, facebook and youtube pages. Add him and learn from him. I'm almost positive you'll grow!