Paint Pot

My Favorite Eye Shadow Primers: Paint Pots and Glitter Glue by Erin Baynham

my favorite primers I have the oilest eye lids known to man, so there's no way I can apply eye shadow without a good primer.  Here are the ones that I can't live without!


When the MAC Paint Pots collection debuted in 2007, I bought every color. I quickly found that only the matte colors worked for me. Apparently the shimmery ones just made my eyelids instantly oily. Back when the Fafi collection came out, I purchased Layin' Low paint pot. I typically reach for Painterly first, because it dries down to more of a "dry" matte finish. Layin' Low tends to be a little more soft and satiny, while still being matte.

The Too Faced Glitter Glue is a thickish cream that dries to an invisible matte finish. I like to wear a tiny dab of it on my lids, over my paint pot. It really gives shadows an extra boost. While Urban Decay Primer Potion isn't one of my favorites, I've seen many great reviews about it.

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