Our Wedding Day

I'm Married!!! by Erin Baynham

I'm Married!!!!! It's been a few long weeks of planning, stressing, smiling, crying, and pure madness as we planned, prepped for and had our wedding! Although we got engaged on the fourth of July, we didn't get to the crazy stage until a few weeks ago. Here's the view from my desk at work. Josh and I got married last Sunday, March 30th. Every part of the day was absolutely amazing. These are only four of the 100+ shots from the photobooth. This was the hit of the wedding--I promise you, if you get married or know someone who is, definitely advise them to get one!!

Anywho, I'm really excited to share the details of the wedding including the vendors and my DIY adventures. There are some things that I should have just paid for, and there were certain things that I'm really happy I did myself. I'll be doing individual vlogs on my old natural hair Youtube account with details. Week one of wedded bliss--complete!

More than anything, I'm ready to start blogging about makeup again! There have been so many product launches, collaborations and beauty details that I didn't get to share over the last few weeks. Don't worry, I'm in the full swing of things again and can't wait to give you all the juice!