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My Favorite Foundation Brushes (and Sponges) by Erin Baynham

favorite foundation brushes and tools Over the last few months, foundation has been one of the most exciting parts of the makeup ritual for me. I like to see the different effects I can get using sprays, creams and tools. My foundation collection is at around 15+, and each of them gives another look. Here are some of the brushes and tools I use for my bases.

Real Techniques Expert Face

Eight times out of ten, I reach for this brush. It works perfectly with liquid and cream foundations. It’s a guaranteed way to buff, blend and smooth out my foundation. I use the flatter sides of the brush to apply the foundation, making sure it's evenly applied all over my face. Then I use the top of the brush to blend like crazy. I've also noticed that there is very little shedding with this brush. Again, this is the brush that I use more than any other foundation brush. ($10/Ulta, Walgreens)


Real Techniques Buffing

This is denser and a little more round than the expert face brush, but man it gets the job done. I like to use this to really blend the foundation into my skin, making sure to remove access product. For a long time, I'd use it interchangeably with the Expert Face brush, but later I realized I like to use this one more for blending only. This would work well with cream and liquid foundations, and it would definitely help with powder foundations too. ($10/Ulta, Walgreens)


Want to make your foundation look seamless? A wet foundation sponge can be the key! Technically, I use a flat foundation brush to apply the foundation all over my face, and then I use a wet sponge to blend the foundation in and to give it a natural look. I wasn't sold on brushes for a long time, maybe because I wasn't using them right.  I have three separate brands that I've used off and on, Real Techniques (orange), Beauty Blender (pink) and Qosmedix (purple). I can't deny that I love my Alcone non-latex sponges too, but since they're disposable and I've found more permanent options, so I don't reach for them as much as I used to. (Prices and locations vary, $3-12)

Make Up For Ever 108

This is much thicker than a typical flat foundation brush, and it’s slightly domed around the edge. I feel like this brush lays the product on my skin perfectly. The Make Up For Ever Brushes are definitely a high quality, super luxe line of tools, and you can tell when you feel the brushes. I would only use this brush for liquid foundations, as it doesn't really blend creams that well. ($38, Sephora)