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10 Must Have Products from MAC Cosmetics by Erin Baynham

10 Must Have Products from MAC CosmeticsThis is absolutely one of the hardest posts I've had to write, because to be honest, I can name 32 must haves from MAC. I've been using the products since 2001, and I've tried my fair share of the products. I made this list simply by naming items that I have purchased over and over and over again. I did a video on this very topic back in 2008, but it was time for an update! After I discovered the $3 dupe for Chestnut lip liner and other big savings, I had to seriously rethink my list. But since I get such an outpouring of requests from the brand, it's time to go for it and share! Bronze Eye Shadow A go to, easy to wear eye shadow during any occasion, work or play. It works well on every complexion. I don't want to be brought here but just know that the brand makes really great eyeshadows. My favorite texture is Frost, Matte, Veluxe, Matte2 squared.

Other notable colors: Sable, Swiss Chocolate, Saddle, Satin Taupe, Tempting, Shadowy Lady, Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Brown Script, Carbon...I could go on for 20 more minutes. Here's a video where I swatched my favorites.

Zoom Lash Mascara This is one of the mascaras that instantly makes my lashes thicker and blacker. Some people say it's way too clumpy, but I'm a fan. Note: I do not like Zoom Black Lash or the waterproof version (they are much thinner) . Just the original!

Pinkarat Lusterglass It's a pink/bronze/gold baby that is perfection! Lustreglass is thinner and has a brush applicator, which makes application even and easy. Want to see it? Check out this video.

Pro Finish Concealer This concealer covers everything. EVERYTHING.  It's pretty thick, but if you use your finger or warm it up on the back of your hand,  it'll thin down enough to make it easy to work with. Here's a video tutorial on how I use it.

Fix + Get rid of the makeup look! This is a liquid mist that is great after your moisturizer. Also, after you've applied all of your make up, it gets rid of that "make up look", softening your powder and mending everything together. Here's a video that shows how I use it.

109 Brush I have been applying my foundation with this for years. Technically, it's a small contour brush, but I like using it for foundation and buffing foundation into the skin. You have to be careful because at times it does shed, but every time I try to get a new brush just like it never quite does the job this way. It's a fan favorite. Here's a video where I show you how to use it.

Spiked Brow Pencil This super slim eye brow pencil mimics the hair in your eyebrows so it's very natural. I knew this was a winner when I watched Sam Fine use it in his DVD.

Tan Pigment This is another really great neutral that you can wear with anything. Because it's a pigment, it lasts so long (years!) even if you use it regularly. It's a great investment.

Painterly Paint Pot You know I cannot go without using Painterly Paint Pot! It gives the skin a great texture fpr shadow to stick to, and it makes your lid all one color.  I use this product non-stop. Here's a video tutorial on how to use it.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator This is the perfect mix of grit and a cream so your skin comes out exfoliated it also comes out looking and feeling great. I'm on my third or fourth bottle of this.

 What are your favorite products that you'd recommend?


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