Erin's Blogging Tools: Things I Can't Live Without While Blogging by Erin Baynham

When I'm about to blog, there are certain items that I can't be without. I never really thought about it, until I found this post via Independent Fashion Bloggers yesterday. I thought it would be cool to add to the fun, so here's my list! Erin's Beauty Blogging Essentials

The Essentials:

1. Laptop I started blogging on a desktop PC in 2005. Then, I bought my first MACBook in 2009. One cracked screen later, I purchased my newest MACbook in 2010. I use my old MACBook as a desktop, since it still has many programs that I need. I travel with my laptop [although I do so a lot less, now that I have an Ipad. Yes, I'm part of the Apple cult.]

1.5. Ipad

You definitely don't need an Ipad to blog, and I don't use it solely to blog. I hate lugging my laptop everywhere, especially when I travel. It can get heavy, and the Ipad is a quick fix to this. It's sync'ed perfectly with my other tech stuff. Sometimes, I'll blog on my laptop and prop my Ipad up to watch Sex and The City. Ya never know.

2. Cell A smartphone is so good to have. I finally got an Iphone last month. I use it to get lightning fast pictures, great video, and crap loads of awesome apps. I tweet pictures of beauty products in stores that tell me it's prohibited, and I re-blog all the good stuff that I read. It's not pictured, because I'm using it to take this picture. (I used Instagram to take this shot, if you're on it, I'm ErinScandalous.)

3. Camera Perhaps my biggest purchase was my DSLR, the Canon T2I/550D.  I wanted more crisp video and images, thus my new baby. I still only know how to use 21% of the features, but they quality is really great. I'm no photographer, but I snap a helluva lot of pictures.

4. Beauty Products I'm a beauty blogger. I'll usually swatch and try on products to really get a shot at understanding them. I don't want to lead people on, ya know?

5.Notebook There's no way around it for me. All the gadgets and I-things in the world don't amount to good ol' pen and paper. I'm a black pen enthusiast. Never any other color. Ever.

6. Natural Light It's so much easier to get post pictures of accurate colors on a sunny day. I sometimes get this beside a window, other times I take the pictures on my porch. I used a DIY lightbox and viewed tutorials on all kinds of other lighting tutorials, but God given sunshine is easier, more beautiful--and free.

Non-Essentials that always seem to be near by:

Record Player or other means of listening to amazing jazz, classical or old r&b music. Candles Vanilla scented, always. Iced Coffee It's almost psychological, I think. I almost always have a yummy drink beside me when I work.

What's in your Blogger Toolbox?