My First Time On The Runway -- Blogher Style! by Erin Baynham

Scandalous Beauty Blog Her Fashion Show Elizabeth Arden When I saw this image on Elizabeth Arden's Facebook page, I knew that it had actually happened. I was in a fashion show. I mean sure, I had done makeup for a few local shows back in the day, but nothing like this. The Blogher community is unlike anything I've ever seen. Sisterhood, community, real women with real lives doing normal human things. Most of them aren't the posers who act like they have to be in this season's whateverdesigner fashions on a day to day basis.

Let me tell you how I met Kathryn Finney. Back in '04 (I think), she hired me as her budget beauty intern for her mega site, The Budget Fashionista. I was so excited to write about the products I loved more than anything--makeup! But a few weeks later and one missed deadline equals an ex-intern. My email address had been deleted from her server, and I was back to square one.

Fast forward to Blogging While Brown, this June. I formally introduced myself to Kathryn, assuming she had no idea who I was (she didn't). I even reminded her that she fired me back in the day. I was still a nobody. However, she said there's a project that we might be able to collab on, and that was that.

And finally, the night of the show. I'm terrified. I'm not the fashion girl. Jeans and tee's are a perfect outfit for me. I've got fancier get-up's, but deep in side, I'd rather be walking around barefoot. Makeup was done by Elizabeth Arden, and hair by Paul Mitchell. I'll have more on that info in another post.

I felt like a queen.

I've never felt so beautiful before. I put on the Halston Heritage gown above and felt like a million bucks. I wasn't head over heels in love with my hair and makeup, but this beautiful, flowing, magical dress had me absolutely in love. If I needed a special outfit for a special occasion, this is absolutely the one I'd go for. Over all, it was one of the most outstanding experiences of my life. I met so many amazing women that day, all of which were fantastic in the show. I couldn't have wished for a better team. Kudos to Kathryn, Darlene and their team of stylists who organized this show to every teensy detail.

Check out the videos of the entire show via SocaMom, the official Blogher slide show and these freakin' incredible gifs via Life on the Social Web!