Medela Makes the Best Bottles for My Baby / by Erin Baynham


I had no idea how many brands there were for babies. When I had to do the newborn prep, I was absolutely overwhelmed. I couldn't believe there were so many options! I tried almost every brand- Avent, Dr. Brown's, Gerber, Lansinoh, NUK, Nuby, Tommee name it. But by far, the best brand was Medela. These bottles come in two sizes, 5 oz and 8 oz. They sell three nipple sizes, so the milk flow gets stronger as baby grows. The one thing that this bottle excelled at, for my child, was the lack of leaking. Every other bottle seemed to create a stream of milk down Cameron's cheek, nestling into his neck.

So if you happen to need a baby shower gift for someone, or just want to try them for yourself or a friend, I whole-heartedly recommend them! I threw out every other brand's bottle last week, and my mom and I use Medela exclusively. If you're interested in getting a set, check them out here at

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