20 Awesome Things I Want to Do This Year / by Erin Baynham

photo-1422405153578-4bd676b19036 We're already in the second quarter of the year. Can you freakin' believe that? I sure can't. My life has changed SO MUCH over the last year, and while I like what's happened, I have to set some goals for myself. So here we go. 20 awesome things that I'd like to accomplish this year.

  1. Make a pizza from scratch
  2. Make a scrapbooking mini album to showcase an occasion (Vacay in Puerto Rico? Cooking through the Summer?)
  3. Bake a naked cake
  4. Make and hang an abstract painting
  5. Plant an herb garden, and perhaps potatoes, garlic or something else to eat
  6. Get my garden together (Roses are a wreck, add a new hydrangea, also peonies)
  7. Hang a photo that I shoot in my home
  8. Create a capsule wordrobe
  9. Hire a maid to deep clean
  10. Find the perfect house plants
  11. Complete one of the many expensive online classes that I paid for
  12. Relaunch my business
  13. Get my nails and toes done (basic to some, big to me)
  14. Create at least 25 recipes from Barefoot Contessa
  15. Take the first steps to starting a new career
  16. Create a signature cocktail
  17. Purge 80% of my makeup
  18. Give my bedroom a makeover
  19. Start a new Youtube channel (or repurpose my old one)
  20. Rebrand my blog


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