Tips for Life with a Newborn / by Erin Baynham

24268190512_27298a20b7_o Life with a newborn is blissful and insane at the same time. All babies are different, but there are still words of advice that could be helpful to hear. One piece of advice I'd share is to keep a bottle (or two, or three) of saline drops in your home and purse. I'm amazed at how many boogies get lodged in my son's nose! Just a couple of drops of saline and he's breathing so much better. The nights also became easier when we brought a bottle warmer into our bedroom. It's beyond convenient. Here are a few tips from moms around the blogoshpere:

Mimi of Hold off on family and friend visits for the first week. Allow time for you and your baby to get to know one another. Life will be a bit more enjoyable once you've had a chance to allow your home to find a new normal.

Beverly of 1. When the baby sleep. Forget about housework. 2. Mom needs to Drink lots of water to combat dehydration. 3. Don't feel like you have invite people over to see the baby... Share pictures instead...eliminates exposing germs to you and the baby.

Sheri of The one most important piece of advice I can give is TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. I cannot stress this enough.Trust what your gut and heart are telling you. Read your baby, not your baby book.

Kimi of Take the help. Whenever a trusted loved one offers to assist - take it. Moms are super, but we're humans first. That silence + rest are everything.

From Tamara of 1. Understand that you still have to take care of you. The emails or dishes for that matter will still be there. Eat and sleep when you need to, in order to be more productive. 2. Effectively utilize your time by prioritizing. You may not be able to watch all your favorite shows. Wasting time on Facebook is no longer an option. 3. You can't do it all. Ask for and receive help. If your budget allow hire a virtual assistant and/ or a maid service. If you can't afford help, ask your spouse or friends to help you out. Or if they offer to help, LET THEM!!!

Teresa of Ask for help. And don’t be ashamed about asking. No one said that “mom” was a synonym for “Superwoman,” anyway. “Sleep when you can during the early months if you can. Sleep is a precious commodity. When the baby sleeps, take a nap yourself.”

Natasha of 1. My all time favorite is to sleep when the baby is sleeping. Have other siblings have nap/quiet time during those times of the day. 2. It can be overwhelming, solicit help whether from spouse, family (church) or friends to prepare meals, do chores, or help with other kids while adjusting to life with baby. This has been key for me. 3. Remember to take care of you! Hot showers are one of my favorite times of the day. Also my hubs took a vacay to keep the baby so I could go get my hair done. It made all the difference in the have some "me" time.

Aubrey of Life with a newborn is exhausting, scary at times and can be overwhelming. It is also a time of overwhelming joy, love and beauty. Don't let the hard parts overshadow the amazing, and short, time!

Ariane of I am a first time mom to a 3 month old girl. My advice is be prepared for constant change and adapt to it. When my baby first came home she had specific times she woke up during the night. Then she started sleeping through the night (I was lucky as she somewhat kept a schedule without me doing anything to encourage it). Now she happens to be an early teether so her sleeping and eating habits have changed. You never now what time will bring! Just go with the flow and work with it.

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