I'm Scrapbooking: Project Life Basics and Starter Post / by Erin Baynham

I received a lot of great baby shower gifts for baby Cam; clothes, sheets, books, etc. One of the gifts I'm most excited about is Project Life. In a nutshell, Project Life is a way of memory keeping or scrapbooking that uses plastic pockets (similar to a photo book) and journaling cards to capture memories. I was given a 6 X 8 book and three packs of 12 4x6 photo pockets, to start.

I was absolutely clueless about how to get started, so the resources I depended on were this basics post by Elise Cripe, FAQs by Kelsey Especially and videos by Fabulously Creative and Kelly Purkey. I couldn't stop looking at Azzari Jarrett's (see image above) spreads. I followed all of the scrapbooking companies and looked at several hashtags for inspiration. Once I fully wrapped my mind around the process, I jumped on the website to find an assortment of core packs, mini packs, etc. Bad news.

Don't do what I did If you want to be smart with your money, plan your memory keeping experience by using your own photos first. Think about the themes for each book, and use what you've got! I did it all wrong. I bought and bought and bought. Do NOT do this. I think it's smarter to start off with actual photos, since those are the memories that you will cherish most. As it turns out, my favorite kits are the Midnight and Everyday editions. If I could do it all again, I would have only purchased these two kits. You don't have to purchase the kits at all, but they add a creative touch to the books. 

FYI, I paid full price for nothing. I found most of these kits at Michael's and Joann, which have 40% and 50% coupons basically every week. The other items came from sales on the Becky Higgins website. (Note: Once I found out about the digital kits, I did purchase three kits for $4, regular price.  Oh, and the 7P page protectors were also full price, $4. But really, that's it.)

My arsenal, so far, includes:

Kits  Midnight Edition Core Kit Everyday Edition Core (Partial kit, From Etsy. I bought 2 for $10, but I like this edition A LOT. Kind of wish I just bought the core edition, but ended up purchasing some of it digitally. We'll see how that goes. ) Dreamy Edition Core (Which I'm not really crazy about. The color and scheme isn't really doing it for me.) Southern Weddings Value Kit (Still not sure how I'm going to use this. We don't have a wedding book, so I might do one) Baby Boy Value Kit  Inspire Value Kit Be Fearless Value Kit 

Digital  Project 52 2016 Complete Baby boy journaling cards Everyday filler cards

12 X 12 (Cameron's baby book) Clementine Cloth book Big Variety Pack 1 (60 pages in a variety of layouts)

6 X 8 (Project Life/Personal Journal) Tribal book 4X6 pack (three) 7P Handbook 6x8 Page Protector Multipack (4 Ring) 7P Handbook 6x8 Page Protector 3x4 Pockets (4 ring)

Don't judge me. 

To simplify the process, there's a Project Life app that basically lets you do everything conveniently from your phone. I've played around with this just a bit, but I've purchased enough to use what I already have.

Over the next few weeks and months, I'll share the spreads from the books that I'm working on. I'd like to use the 6x8 book that I received for Project Life, as well as a personal journal. I'll try to start in March, but if that doesn't work out, I'll give it a whirl in May, the month of my 31st birthday.