33 Weeks Pregnant: It's Getting Real / by Erin Baynham

On Saturday, my mother and mother-in-law threw me a baby shower, and man, it was a doozy. I had SO much fun hanging out with my family and friends! As you may know, I love whales--they're my favorite animals. So, needless to say, there was a marine theme to the event. It's been over 36 hours, and I'm still recovering. It's a lot of work to chat with everyone, open presents, pose for pics, hold back tears and play games for a few hours. To be honest, it didn't sink in that I was actually having a baby until the shower. When you gaze upon outfits, thermometers, diapers, and toys for your baby, I mean really, it puts it all into perspective. All of those kicks and jabs I feel all day every day were only gas, as far as I'm concerned! I really can't believe that life is about to drastically change. I have no idea to prepare for it, but I'm eager to figure it out!

And you know what else, I've been nesting over the last couple of weeks, and I can't get enough of it. I want to organize everything, re-decorate, do some major food prep, and prepare for the holidays since I'm not sure how I'll be feeling next month. Speaking of holidays, I am 100% in the Christmas spirit! I bought a gorgeous wreath at Target, and I wasn't about to wait until after Thanksgiving to hang it. I'll be at Michael's this week buying garland and fabric paint for stockings for the kids. Oh man, the next few weeks will be magical.

I digress. Check out some of the pictures from my awesome weekend below!

I can't thank my brother Arthur enough for these photos! Go under the cut to see a few more!

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