10 Things About My Second Trimester / by Erin Baynham

Everyone says your pregnancy flies by and your children's youth flies by. But you know what, now that I've hit my third trimester, I'm looking back and realizing that my second really did go by quickly! It was much more easy going than my first, and I'm excited to get this little boy in my arms!

  1. I thought I'd be taking way more structured pictures, but nothing makes me more excited than taking a bathroom selfie at work. It's great lighting and a huge mirror.
  2. I had nausea in my first trimester, and rarely had it in my second. However, I actually yacked once this semester! I can't even believe it.
  3. I lived in the Liz Lange for Target dresses, wearing at least two or three a week. I rotated lots of jewelry and cardigans and vests to switch things up.
  4. Laying on my back was the absolute most uncomfortable position. The body pillow that my sister-in-law let me have was too flimsy, so I stack two pillows on top of it.
  5. I haven't had any swelling, but the pain in my hips while I sleep is insane. I'm tossing and turning all night, and it's so darn annoying. What I would give for a good night's sleep!
  6. I am 120% overwhelmed everytime I think about buying a stroller or car seat. Good Lord, there are just too many options. I have no idea which one to choose.
  7. The nursery has one item in it: a crib with no mattress. I've got to really buckle down and start buying (although I'm really trying to wait for my baby shower). I'm still crazy about the underwater theme.
  8. I watched The Business of Being Born, and I will absolutely be considering a midwife and water birth for my next pregnancy. It totally rocked my world. It's all simple things like delivering while laying on your back (closes the pelvis) and why hospitals pump you full of drugs to get things moving (because they want to get you in and out of there). It was really intense. Check it out on Netflix or Youtube.
  9. I've asked every mother that I know about her labor experiences. 9/10, they offer way more details than that. I've realized that every pregnancy is different, and listening to everyone's "advice" is overkill. I've stopped asking for everyone's input.
  10. The baby loves to snuggle really, really high up. I feel like he's playing Ms. Mary Mack with my intestines. NOT a great feeling!


Here we go, third trimester!

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