Five Maternity Outfit Myths / by Erin Baynham

Liz Lange Casual Stripes _ Lo res I'm in my third trimester now, and I'm at the point where I am feeling very limited in what I can wear. I've been rotating seven dresses and several pairs of leggings. To be honest, I'm feeling slightly limited. But you know what, I shouldn't feel that way! Liz Lange, creator of "maternity chic", has squashed some outfit myths!

DO: Stripes

We’ve all heard the rule, “horizontal stripes make you look wider.” Not so! For a mom-to-be sporting a baby bump, horizontal stripes can accentuate your shape. Also diagonal stripes can create a dramatic effect. Try this striped dress from the Liz Lange for Target collection, which can be dressed up or down for endless style. The stretch material will grow with your growing belly, and the rouched sides keep it flattering through all stages of pregnancy.

DO: Bold Prints

Every woman needs some pieces in her wardrobe that demand attention and inspire confidence. I always make sure to feature a few patterns that pop when designing my own maternity collection. Feel free to maintain your sense of style by accentuating your bump with all of your favorite patterns and colors.

DO: Shop Regular Sizes

A new expecting mother might think any shopping she does for her maternity clothing has an expiration date, but there are lots of great transitional pieces that are perfect for pregnancy and will still fit flawlessly into a post-baby wardrobe. Instead of a maternity sweater, why not try this Liz Lange for Target item. The loose structure and flowy shape will look great as Maternity or New Mom Chic!

DO: Heels

Of course towering 6” heels are difficult even for the most experienced (and not pregnant) heel wearers, but that doesn’t mean they need to be written off completely. Consider a shoe with a wider or kitten heel for a little bit of height that won’t put too much pressure on your back. The more delicate the heel, the more lengthened your legs will look!

DO: Go Sleeveless

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to stay completely covered. There are lots of super flattering sleeveless looks that highlight your figure. Remember- the bigger your bump, the smaller your arms look!

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