My Favorite Concealer Brushes / by Erin Baynham

Copy of TidalRise Concealer is used to cover what foundation can't--darkness, spots, etc. So when I'm using concealer, I'm making sure I use a brush that's really going to get in there and get the job done. I probably have seven or eight brushes in my makeup stash that I use for concealing, so I had to think about which brushes I use the most. My three favorites are listed below.


IT Brushes For ULTA Airbrush Blurring Concealer Brush #103 This brush is small with a domed top, but it’s soft enough that it works wonders for blending. They call it a blurring concealer brush ($16) for a reason! Using small circle motions, you can blend liquid foundation like a dream. It's a lot more dense than it appears, but it doesn't work as well for my thicker cream concealers.
IMG_7248Billy B. # 4 Makeup artist Billy B's #4 brush ($28) is a small, dense brush created for contouring. However, I always use this brush when applying my cream concealers. It’s bold enough that it will blend any and everything. For a demonstration, check out this video that I created where I cover my dark spots with MAC Studio Finish concealer. The magic is in the brush and in the concealer.


Crown Brush Dual camouflage In a lot of cases, I'll focus on laying the product on my skin, instead of buffing and blending. In that case, I'll use a flat brush like the Crown Brush Dual camouflage ($8). It's synthetic and lays liquid concealers like a dream. This brush is a good one because it's inexpensive, and you get two brushes for the price of one! I have to admit that I hate the fact that one of the brushes is getting smashed at the bottom of my brush jar, but so far, both sides have held up fine.

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