Media Kit Crash Course: Your Brand's Look / by Erin Baynham

media kit Wow, what a crazy week! I just came back from speaking at Blogher15 in NYC, teaching about the contents and importance of media kits. Even though there were some technical difficulties and many brain farts (ugh!), I think it went pretty well! I hope I'll get to go back next year and teach with a monitor and mic!

Anywho, back to media kits!

When I'm looking at media kit inspiration and examples on Pinterest, I am always attracted to the media kits that have a distinct look. They've got polished pictures, a color scheme, and I can tell what info is the most important by bolding and highlighting.

Does your blog:

  • Have a color scheme already incorporated?
  • Have a logo (or do you have headshots)?
  • Have a post with incredible pictures that tell what your blog is all about?

Also, let your blog's personality shine through! Is your blog:

  • Professional
  • Quirky
  • Bubbly
  • Chic

If you have a bubbly blog, don't be afraid to use color and show how fun you are! If it's more chic, maybe choose a color or two, and maintain that chic, sophisticated look within the document. Start to gather ideas about what you want your look to really be.

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