Pregnancy Update: Week 15 / by Erin Baynham my body regressing? I'm getting some familiar feelings from early in the first trimester. The gagging and extreme exhaustion has resurfaced. I'm back to taking naps in the car during my lunch break. Oh, the struggle.

Food cravings: Pho! Got it last night, and the thought of it this morning makes me sick to my stomach. I don't get it. This isn't a craving, but waffles are my safe food. I haven't got sick of eating them yet.

Food aversions: Still can't smell cooking meat. Gag central.

Sleeping: I wake up all through the night, hoping to find the perfect position. My body gets up naturally at around 5:30.

Feeling: Tired, sleeping at any possible time. I'm getting leg cramps on and off all day, and sometimes they wake me up at night.

Purchases: None.

Random: It felt really good to know that I could still fit my bikini from last year. I thought my boobs would spillith over, but no! Also, I'm not eating a lot. In fact, I eat much less than I did when I wasn't pregnant. I can't finish full meals, and 20 minutes after I eat, my stomach is growling again.

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