Pregnancy Update: Week 14 / by Erin Baynham

IMG_5550 Food cravings/aversions: Supreme chicken chulupas from Taco Bell. Caprese salad. I still can't smell meat cooking.

Weight: 151 lbs (about 5 lbs lighter than my non-pregnancy weight)

Sleeping: I basically tap out every night around 9:30pm, about an hour earlier than I did before the pregnancy. My body tends to wake up on it's own around 5:30 most mornings. I've learned to stop fighting it for the next hour or so and just get up. It's making my mornings extremely productive.

Feeling: Pretty good.

Purchases: None, although it's time to get some pants.

Random: I have a constant taste in my mouth that annoys me so badly. It's like I've eaten a really sweet peach, and the after taste lingers all day long. I hate it.



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