Journey to Motherhood: My First Trimester / by Erin Baynham

Pregnancy Announcement On Monday, April 20, 2015 (week 4) I found out that I was going to become a mother. When I looked at that positive pregnancy test (after seeing many, many negative tests in the months prior), I froze. I stared at myself in the mirror with my eyes open wide and I just couldn't move. It's one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had. 

I was one of those women who always thought I couldn't get pregnant. I tend to look at the glass half empty, and that's one of the things I wish I could change about myself. Just four days before, I went to a doctor about my suspicions of having endometriosis. Not only did he confirm my suspicion, but he told me he could feel fibroids too. I was relieved to know that my menstrual pain wasn't just my imagination and I was even more excited that I could have a surgery to fix it. But immediately, I also knew it meant it would be harder to get pregnant.

 I was in forums and reading blogs every day trying to find out about the stories of women that had endometriosis and still get pregnant. I wrote affirmations about being a biological mom and stepmom, and made sure every password had the phrase "bio mom" (biological mom) in it.

So on Sunday night, I got my period early--or so I thought. Later that evening when I went to change my liner there was only a small amount of spotting on the pad. I wasn't really sure what was going on, since this was so abnormal for me. I changed it again and hours later I changed it again. Empty. Then I realized, maybe I'm not on my period because maybe I'm pregnant. I got a pregnancy test, raced home, completed it and got this lovely surprise.
As you can imagine as a blogger for nine years, I love documenting my experiences. There was no way I was gonna let this moment go by without me documenting everything. So today I'm taking my four week picture. I'm not exactly sure where I am yet so it's no official test have been taken yet but the apps say I'm between three and five weeks. We shall see. When I look back at it, I think there were a few symptoms. My leisurely walks around the neighborhood had me out of breath fairly quickly. The constipation was crazy. Other than that, I had no clue.
Every week, I tried to share something that was new to me, something I had never experienced before. I didn't take many pictures here because I can't tell what's baby and what's bloating. Some days I looked 2 months pregnant, while other days I looked 6 months pregnant. I'm still not over all of these symptoms, but I'm praying it's a bit more easy going!

4/27/15 (Five weeks)

It's been a week since we found out! Every few minutes I'm checking Glow Nurture or What to Expect When You're Expecting app. I've taken three more tests just to make sure this is really happening. My sleeping routine absolutely sucks. I'm tired all day, then I can't sleep through the night.  Repeat. I've made doctor's appointments, and we'll get our first doctor's visit in a couple weeks.

5/8/15 (Six weeks)

These food aversions suck! Mexican food makes me want to yack. I can't drink a coke if it isn't from a fountain. The meat that I was obsessed with last week (pot roast, ham, wings) are an immediate turn off. I wouldn't dare put a cup of coffee to my lips. In fact, the only thing that I've been eating is fruit, veggies, crackers and water. So basically, all of the foods I loved before are absolutely grotesque to me now.

5/11/15 (Seven weeks)

Today, on my thirtieth birthday, Josh and I saw our baby for the first time. All I could do was cry when we saw and heard his/her little heart beating. It was just too much. I'm officially 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. The baby's due on New Years Eve!

 5/21/15 (Eight weeks)

Yesterday, my co-worker RAN over to me and told me she could see my little bump! I was elated. Absolutely elated. McDonalds and Popeyes have (sadly) been my favorite places. I'm really into sweet and sour--and they have the best sauces!

6/5/15 (Ten weeks)

Today we got another sonogram and our little baby was dancing up a storm! This could mean two things: He/She's super fun and awesome or I'm causing early onset ADHD. Joking. Also, I found out that my fibroids are pretty sizable, one is 7-8 cm and the other is 8-9 cm. Not small. I'm preparing for any additional discomfort (but I wouldn't really know, since this has been my only pregnancy). Nothing I can do about it now since my hormones are in full swing. There's a possibility that I'll have to have a c-section at around 37 weeks, depending on the positioning of the fibroids.

Also, I still haven't figured out this food thing. The smell of cooking meat still makes me sick and I have random dry heaving every day. It's just annoying. Oh boy. 29 weeks to go! *gulp*

 6/26/15 (Thirteen weeks)

It's been two months since I've had a tasty latte (because the thought of them made me queasy before). I could only drink half of it. It made me sick again. I'm definitely growing, and looking for pants that fit comfortably above my hips. So far, this has only included leggings and a pair of super low Old Navy boyfriend shorts that I bought for the honeymoon last year. I live in dresses and skirts, like the one below, and apparently that's how it's gonna be for awhile. I've actually lost five pounds since I got pregnant because I'm just not eating as much as I used to.

Here we go..

I keep hearing that the 2nd trimester is so much better. I'm sure hoping I'm with the majority on this one. I definitely have started to get more energy, and I'm excited to try to enjoy the Summer. Now I just need some clothes that fit!
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