30 Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers (I'm Your Target Audience) / by Erin Baynham

blog post ideas for fashion bloggers I'm not a fashionista by a long shot, but I really want to be. Year after year, I tell myself that I want to purge my closet, start over, and really start to wear what I love.

But I have an issue.

I rarely go into a store and pick out a blouse or a pair of pants, because I can't picture it on myself as part of an entire outfit. I definitely have to say that I'm a fan of outfit of the day posts for this reason. Technically, I've never purchased an outfit from a blog before, however, I think that could be a big win for me and my closet! The list below is a personal list of topics that I'd love to see on a fashion blog.

Colors that work on everyone Style of pants (bootleg, slim, etc.) What to wear to a wedding What to wear to a interview Corporate friendly outfits Dress casual outfits 5 pairs of shoes everyone needs 5 types of bags everyone needs Types of skirts (a-line, pencil, etc.) Weekend attire How to dress up jeans Bras everyone should own Best camisoles and undershirts What to wear to an all white party Comfortable heels What to pack for a 3 day vacay What to pack for an international flight Best bags to use during a vacay Luggage recommendations Cute blazers Sweaters and cardigans that are chic and not homely Sunnies for everyday Best wellies Outfits for body types Best fabrics to invest in Best day for sales Best outfits for big booties (and small waists) Best cut tops for top heavy women Best online stores to shop from How to know when clothes are dingy (and it's time to purge them) Fashion storage (shoe racks, drawer organization) One skirt/jacket/pants 3 ways

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