Some serious life changes in 2015 / by Erin Baynham

Happy 2015! Happy 2015 everyone! People tell me all the time, you've got it all together! You're living the life! Huh? What? I'm blissfully happy and wouldn't change my circumstances for anything, but there's some stuff that I really need to work on. For starters, I've been a pretty messy girl all my life. Now that I'm a co-homeowner, it's been a MAJOR challenge for me to change my habits.

I'm also a person with A.D.D. I was diagnosed years ago, and let me tell you, every day is a struggle. My thoughts are cut off by my other thoughts, and sometimes I wonder how I have a career at all. I scare myself into thinking that I can't start ventures because of how I work. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I literally overheat. But you know what? I can beat this. I can be better. I want to train my life so I can be unstoppable. I'll be 30 this year. THIRTY. No more messing around. I'm ready to change.

To make this happen, I'm sharing some actionable goals that I can't wait to complete, and I've actually already started.


I have to start doing these more. These are sayings that you want to happen. Some of the ones I've used are "I will eliminate all consumer debt by December 1st, 2015" and "I'm excited to launch my business and it will be a success". Remember to claim what you want and never say anything negative! I have some of my affirmations saved as silent alarms on my cell phone, so they pop up throughout the day.


I started doing this back in November, and I'm really happy that I did. I like to look back at the good days and the bad days, and to reflect on them. Just this morning, I found an app called Heyday. It's a digital journal that looks quite promising.

2015 Blog Action Planner

The Blog Action Planner is a downloadable, printable file. You might have seen the giveaway that I had for this planner last week. It is absolutely loaded with ideas, tables, calendars and content to keep your blog going.  I'm excited just thinking about it. Check out some of the features here.

Vision Board

Do you remember this video tutorial I created on making a vision board? It still applies today. You can use something else, like Pinterest, a screensaver or wallpaper on your computer, a notebook, etc. I'm going to a friend's vision board party at the end of the month and I'm really excited to make a newer updated one!


Create meal plans. Do a deep clean of the house on Saturdays. Wake up at 5:30 every weekday morning. Pray way more often. So many things need to be done on a regular basis, and I intend to do that.

Day Designer

Oh man. I've been counting down the days to finally use my Day Designer Planner.  This is a beautiful hard bound book that helps organize your days, months and year. There are also pages in the beginning to help define your core, figure out strengths and weaknesses, and to figure out what you need to internally work on.  These planners typically sell out the day after they go on sale, but the owner Whitney English says there will be more on sale next week! The Day Designer is one of those gems that you want to own, but once you get it, you don't want to write in it unless everything is perfect. I've been going through my own little battle just picking out the best pens. So far, it looks like the best pens for the Day Designer are the Pilot G2's. But you know me, I have to have options--so I picked up a bunch of pens and there will be a color coded party going down! Tomorrow, it's going down!



Do you have any goals or plans for 2015? Let me know in the comments!

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