Lashes Vs. No Lashes: A Comparison / by Erin Baynham

ardell demi wispies lashes Have you ever taken the time to do your makeup, and then debated on putting on lashes? I do it all the time. I used to be really good at applying them, but since I've worn them less and less, I don't even think about reaching for them.  I applied eye lashes for the first time in about a year. Then the doubt set in--do I still have a steady hand? Will these look good on me? Will they go on evenly?

Here's a shot with me with one eye lash on, and one on the way. The looks are totally different! I filmed the makeup tutorial without the lashes, and after I was done, I added the lashes just to play around and see how the look would change. Of course I was annoyed that I didn't apply them in the beginning, but now I'm going to make more of an effort to apply them when I'm creating a look. I usually go with the Ardell Demi Wispies, but all of these instagram eye lash companies are making me want to stray a bit. Who knows. We'll see. : )

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