My Newest Skin Score: Glamglow Holiday Set / by Erin Baynham

GlamGlow Holiday Set After scoping out dozens of makeup and beauty sales for the Black Friday-Cyber Monday week, I only ended up getting this dream team of masques from GlamGlow. Naturally, I didn't get this set on sale either. GlamGlow had exactly seven holiday sets to choose from. It still makes me a little weak to consider paying $70 for a full sized mask, and since I didn't know which masque worked best for my skin, I settled on this set. I haven't really tried any of the new items yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to share!

Like most beauty sites now days, I was able to choose two freebies, which are the packets you see at the bottom of the picture. Since I signed up for an account, I also received a promo code for another mini.

Glam Glow Holiday Vs. Regular Size

Earlier this year, I purchased a 2013 GlamGlow set, half of it was hard and defective, but at least I got to play around with the Supermud. It's one of the best masques I've ever used. My skin feels cleaner and smoother, and doesn't feel dried out. This is basically just a comparison shot, so you can see the size I bought this year.

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