Current Home Project: Dining Room Gallery Wall / by Erin Baynham

Planning Our Gallery Wall It takes me a really, really, really long time to make changes around the house. It's hard for me to commit to furniture, new color, drapes --basically anything. Earlier this Summer, we got the whole first floor painted, took out our ratty carpet and refinished the beautiful floors that hid underneath, had an unsightly magnolia tree cut down and a few other things. But the house still needs more personality. It needs to look like us. So two weeks ago, my husband Josh said "Bailey, when the heck are we going to get this stack of frames off the floor?". I've had pictures ready to be hung for over six months. It's time to get down to it. I went over to Pinterest.

Overall, I realized that some people used different frames, others used the same frame. I kind of did a mixture of both, using various black frames, including the Ribba line from Ikea, and a bunch of Room Essentials frames from Target. My friend Amy even gave us a wooden plaque for a wedding gift, and it finally found a home on the gallery wall.

The hardest part was coming up with a pattern that I liked. Once that was set, I decided to work on filling the empty spaces. I framed a few sheets of fine paper from Paper Source.  It's a really simple way to add temporary art around the house! Since Sunday is my free day, I'm spending time looking through my photo library and picking out a few new pictures. We want to incorporate family as much as possible. I'm still looking for a fun way to add the photo booth strips from the wedding, but they'll chill on the shelf for now.

When this project (and a few others) are finally complete, it'll be time for a home tour!

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