My Current Skincare Rotation: August/September 2014 / by Erin Baynham

Scandalous Beauty Skincare Over the last couple of weeks, I've noticed a significant change in my skin. I've had fine bumps all over my face for as long as I can remember. Granted, I come from a family who has moles, and I accept that. But I started to take more care of my skin, and I've noticed my skin is smoother and clearer than ever before. I rotate A LOT of skincare, mostly because I'm an inpulse shopper, but some items were sent as samples. Here's my current run down:

Biore Deep Cleansing Gel

I can't say enough about this cleanser. It is one of the products that really makes my skin feel clean. They even give it an "astringent" effect. When you apply it to your skin it actually gets that cooling/tingling feeling that lets you know it's working. I try to rotate my cleansers so my skin doesn't get used to them, but I can't get enough of this!

Lush Tea Tree Spray

I bought this because my friend Keisha almost sliced me for not using a toner. It restores balance and all kinds of other stuff. I use it (when I remember) after my cleanser. Tea Tree Water

Kate Somerville Exfolikate

When I went to Philly a few weeks ago, I sat down and got a Kate Somerville consultation from a rep. I have liked Kate Somerville for a couple years now, and trying the products properly made such a difference.  I already had a tube of this that I'd bought in a sample kit, and it must have been old, because the new bottle was so effective. You actually apply a healthy helping of this to your wet skin, and massage in like a cleanser, not like a scrub. You feel an intense tingle. Try: Kate Somerville Exfolikate

Kate Somerville Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream

This was a teeny tiny sample I received from the rep, and man, this stuff is freakin' GOOD. She blew my mind when she said I didn't have oily skin. I mean really, I'm shiny all the time. But she's right, I'm a combination girl with mostly dry skin! So this moisturizer is thick enough that it moisturizes the heck out of my face like a cream, but it's very light and airy and doesn't feel greasy. Try: Age Defense

Kate Somerville Clinic-To-Go Resurfacing Peel Pads

I bought these before my wedding, but I was too nervous to use them in fear that I'd break out. These give me that chemical cleanse feel that let's me know I'm really getting under the skin and cleaning up!

Amore Pacific Enyzyme Treatment Peel

Do I need to go on another tangent about how much I love this stuff? I'll be buying it forever. Here's my review and tutorial.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

I bought this on sale (I'm assuming it was part of a Holiday set?) for $40. It's really had for me to justify certain purchases, and this is a hard one to deal with. $70 for a masque is really, really hard.

Note: This post includes affiliate links. The Biore cleanser was sent to me for editorial consideration.

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