Achieve your unique style with Motions / by Erin Baynham

RA_Motions_Asset1[2][1][2][1] No matter what type of hair type or texture you may have, Motions products will keep your hair looking as strong and beautiful as you are, enabling you to achieve a unique style that is all your own!

Check out these how-to videos, where our expert Ursula shows you her top 5 favorite looks to help you discover your own authentic style. Then head in to Rite Aid, where you can get a $5 +UP Reward when you buy $10 of Motions Products in September.

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Express your style your way!

This look took me back to my relaxed hair days! Oh man, I would have killed for hair this luscious! I watched this video and instantly smelled that old faithful salon scent--marcel irons sizzling on hair and relaxer in little bowls.

This style made me a little jealous. If I had seen this tutorial back when I was relaxed (and wearing extensions--I had zero hangtime) or a straight natural, I would have been doing it all the time! Ursula made this look SUPER simple!

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