We Took a Last Minute Seven Hour Roadtrip This Summer -- And it Was Awesome / by Erin Baynham

I’m not really a spontaneous person. I’m the plan ahead type. I like to know I’m going to an event at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time. But for some reason, this summer was different. See, my step-daughter stayed in Florida with her grandmother for 7 weeks. This left us, a (slightly) newly married couple, 49 days to do whatever the hell we wanted without searching for a sitter. And when we thought about it that way, we took advantage. 

My husband called me on Thursday night (while I grabbed drinks with a friend) and said “Hey, remember that trip to Buffalo that we planned but never followed through? Do you still want to go?” That trip meant I’d have to get home, pack, go to work the next day, get home at 6pm and embark on a seven hour road trip. That’s not my idea of fun. I made excuse after excuse, but we ended up going. The road trip itself was great! The views through Pennsylvania and New York were stunning. Sure, we got into a couple brief arguments because he wanted to listen to old school rap and I wanted to listen to R&B.

We stayed with one of Josh’s high school pals, his girlfriend and their baby. Little did we know, our entire trip was planned for us. We were going to see the fireworks at University of Buffalo, meet some of the host’s friends, and do a little shopping and sightseeing.   Over the course of the two days, we attended three cookouts with over 100 people. We shook so many sets of hands and said we were from Baltimore so many times that we were dizzy.

My favorite cookout was with a bunch of doctors in their early thirties. The hostess had such a terrific, handmade, cozy garden, and I envied how effortless it looked. Listening to the surgeons (who are just a couple of years older than me) put a totally different perspective on life. They were fun, laid back, non-judgmental and so inviting. Here I am, trying to start a new Etsy shop, and they are saving lives in the ER!  
But the greatest part of the trip was Niagara Falls. It’s so humbling to see a piece of beauty like that. It’s awesome to see what nature can do. No matter what angle we stood, we just couldn’t believe how intense it was! After two days of shopping, sightseeing and eating everything in sight, we went back home. Josh and I always talk about our fun Fourth of July weekend. Had we stayed home, we would have gone to the movies, hung out on the couch with our laptops open and enjoyed each other’s company. But instead, we took a (slightly) unexpected vacation and created totally new experiences. I’ll drink to that!  When you're #upforwhatever, Bud Light Lime is the perfect beer--your ticket to spontaneous summer fun.
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