My 5 Year Loc Anniversary: The Ups and The Downs [Video] / by Erin Baynham

5yearslocd I can't believe I've been loc'd for five years. I've had way more good days than bad ones with my locs, and I really wish I had started sooner. I don't miss washing my loose hair, and I don't feel like my hair has to have a specific look. I used to want my hair to be tightly twisted at all times, but after seeing other people with locs that maintain their hair far less than I do, I realized that I needed to chill with all the extra manipulation. My main goals are to keep my hair moisturized and to keep my edges from breaking off.

In the video, I will discuss my thoughts on my hair, the things I love about it and what's been a struggle. I did the video on the way to a cookout, sans makeup or a video outline. Watch the video below or click here to watch on Youtube.

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