Five Amazing Makeup Tricks I Learned at Sheika Daley's Makeup Class / by Erin Baynham


When you're invited to take a makeup class from an artist that regularly paints Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Lala Anthony, you absolutely have to go! I traveled to Arlington, VA to attend. This class came complete with wine, cupcakes, lunch (mmm, sliders) and a goodie bag with lashes, lash glue and some Kohgendo samples.

They gave us small notepads to take notes on, and I used 12 pages. (I asked permission to share all of the notes, but could only share a few tidbits. That's understandable.)  Sheika was very, very thorough when she applied everything. She broke down why she used a product, alternatives to that product and anything else we thought to ask. I didn't feel like she withheld any information at all. I tried to take some video to post (I wasn't allowed to) and really wanted to share all of my notes (but wasn't allowed to). That's all the more reason to check out this class! If I was a makeup artist, I'd leave knowing that I had a new arsenal of tips and techniques to try, plus a slew of new products I'd want in my kit! Here are a few things that I learned:

1. She uses a very, very light hand. In fact, it looks like she's not applying any product at all. For example,  I'd say I apply a nickle sized amount of foundation on my cheek area. My guess is that she uses a dime sized amount, and adds drops at a time if she needs more. She lets the skin look like skin. 2. She doesn't prefer sponges to apply foundation, she actually likes powder brushes more. She even used one my favorites, the MAC 109 brush! 3. Put the Banana Powder down! She highlighted her model's skin with a mix of MAC Hyper Real and Kohgendo foundations that gave a soft, infused glow. Hyper Real has been discontinued for years, but try Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector or Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel. She set it with Laura Mercier's loose translucent powder, which she adores. 4. Sheika is a faithful Iman Cosmetics customer. She said she's used the brand on every client that she's ever done.


5. At one point, she used foundation as a lip liner for a peach YSL lipgloss. This blew my mind. Check out the picture above, isn't it gorgeous? She applied a lip balm by Terry within the first five minutes of the class, and that served as the base for the color.

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Note: I received complimentary admission to this class.

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