My First Brazilian Wax: Not As Sexy As I Had Hoped / by Erin Baynham


Instead of showing you a picture of my vagina, I'll just show you one of the bikinis that I planned to get. The bikini that I might not wear, because my area "down there" isn't looking too good. Check out Nakimuli for more info!

I knew I wanted to get a Brazilian wax when I met Tridena from Wax It All Off, a waxing salon here in Baltimore. I was immediately interested in going to her salon because a) she was a Scandalous Beauty Youtube viewer, b) I like to support black businesses and c) she squashed quite a few of my bikini myths and I knew I'd feel totally at ease. She told me that waxing helps clear any dark marks and exfoliating helps get rid of ingrown hairs. She also chatted with me about the differences between black hair and everyone else's hair. We talked for almost an hour.

Erin's Bachelorette Party

So what did I do? After I was so interested in Tridena, I went to my bachelorette party (which included a spa day!) and let the woman who did my facial talk me into the wax. She talked about her faithful clients and how my man would just LOVE the results. Fast forward 20 minutes. After she rips the hair off of my body, rubbed me down with aloe (awkward), I felt confident that this was going to be worth it! The area was smooth, there was no more discomfort, and I knew it would last me a few weeks.


Two days later, I could feel the hairs coming in. The ingrown hairs began to funnel in--and the area around them was actually getting darker. There were a bunch of bumps popping up (two weeks later, it's still bumpy). It didn't really itch when the hair came back in, but it didn't last anywhere near as long as I thought! Why would I pay all that money for this?!

I'd love to say that I'll be all cute and pretty on my wedding night, but the truth is, I probably won't. My vagina doesn't look pretty--at all. It's bumpy and kind of tender and looks like a 16 year boy with cystic acne. I can't even believe how unpleasant it looks. Maybe I'm allergic to the wax, maybe I didn't take care of everything correctly.

Everyone stressed the importance of exfoliating and taking proper care of the waxed area, so I found products like: Dermalogica Body Scrub (recommended to me by the salon), LUXE OIL Bikini Care System (by blogger/entrepreuner Krissy at Addicted to All Things Pretty, and I Love My Muff sets. Needless to say, I'm exfoliating and hoping to move on from this part of the drama! I haven't given up on waxing--I'm going to try this again after everything has calmed down and I look like my normal self again.  I'm optimistic.

Do you have any bikini waxing tips? Please leave a comment and share!

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