My Youtube Story: Six Years of Happiness, Opportunity, Jealousy and Self-Doubt / by Erin Baynham

Scandalous Beauty Lost Youtube Story Interview

On Friday, I decided to film the Youtube Interview tag. It was my attempt to revive the rest of the excitement that I'd had about my channel a few years ago. I can't believe I went on and on for 18 minutes about my journey--the first video I had ever done, how people are going overboard with makeup now, how I thought about changing my name over and over again and everything in between.

But at the end, I did something that I wasn't expecting. I had mentioned that I lost my Youtube Partnership a few years ago. I talked about my jealousy toward those who still had partnership, and those who continued gaining subscribers and views. I was kind of annoyed that people were making major money doing this, and I had invested plenty of money into my equipment only to have the financial security of the job taken away.  My close friends and family knew I felt this way, but the people who watched my videos didn't.

Overall, I felt like the biggest weight of my virtual life had been lifted off my shoulders, and I could really jump back into Vlog life. Feel free to check out the video below (if you click the watch on youtube icon, you can see the description easier and jump from chapter to chapter).

Never forget why you started.  

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