I'm Still Alive: My First MEGABarre (Pilates Reformer) Class / by Erin Baynham

After seeing a Facebook special for Barre. in Pikeville, I decided to take advantage and get bikini ready. I didn't even do any research on the specifics about class style or any of that. A one hour class generally goes for $30, so this deal of 3 classes for $30 was too good to pass up.  I came in to a full class, with about 8 people. Everyone in the class looked like a rich housewife who comes to the gym everyday after they send their kids of to school. But I didn't let those size two's intimidate me!
Looking back on it, I may have screwed myself by starting off with the most intense workouts that they had to offer. They recommend taking a few barre classes first, but I jumped right in. And you know what? It was tough. Really, really tough.

You will never, ever believe just how much you can do on these machines. My instructor, Nan, was assertive, and I definitely needed that. She'd show me when I was doing things wrong (basically every move), and also told me when I was right. Moments after the class, my body was in some serious pain. And you know what? It's the first time that I ever really felt like I got a real workout. By the time I was out the door, I was plotting how to change my budget so I could sign-up for more. Three days later, I could still feel the pain! But I know pain like this equals results, and I'm ready to see everything pay off.

What I Learned:

  • Just because everyone else is wearing Lulu Lemon, doesn't mean you have to too. 
  • Wearing a tank is a great idea. You'll get really hot really, really quick. 
  • Also, wear fitted clothes. Nothing loose or baggy. 
  • Stretch a bit before you get there. Any little bit helps. 
  • If you shake while you're doing it, apparently you're doing it right. 
  • Bring plenty of water and don't forget your towel.

Drop-ins are $30, but I really think I'm going to take advantage of the 4 for $60 special (must be used in 30 days). I'm hoping for Black Friday deal or a Groupon. For more info, check out barreonline.com.

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