The Scandal Semi-Recap: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (302) / by Erin Baynham

Instead of giving you a play-by-play of the entire episode (I watch the Afterbuzz folks for that), here are some of my favorite bits from the show:

  • Mastodons have sharper teeth than mammoths. Here’s a write-up from The Smithsonian, Eli's faux employer.
  • Livvie really thinks that making jam is a significant part of her domestic duties, because apparently, that's what real mothers and wives do. Here’s a NY Times article on several ways to make jam.
  • After everything that “Spin” went through—Huck can still "kill a man with very little effort and a lot of joy". Darn that Becky for clouding his judgement and killing his family.
  • Olivia gets her love of fine wine from her father, Eli. Ready to put down the Moscato and branch off into the land of red? Here are 10 of the best reds under $20.
  • Remington is a really, really big deal. And if it's bigger than Defiance, which we're positive it is, Shonda's going to blow our minds. Again.
  • Jeannine says that everyone knew that the President was having an affair, but no one knew who he was sleeping with. Interesting. I guess he and Liv (and Amanda Tanner) weren't as slick as they thought.
  • Olivia asks Edison to open the wine, because it needs to breathe. Here’s why. Wine decanter, anyone?
  • Fitz had Jennine Locke “six ways to Sunday” all over the white house. Don’t you love the way he ruffles Sally Langston’s religious feathers?
  • Jake is back in Livvie’s arms (sort of), and daddy will be making her dinner on Sunday night. He's bringing the wine. Family is never over.

What did you think of last night's episode?

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