Prepping For My First Dinner Party / by Erin Baynham

For the premiere of Scandal, it only made sense for me to  host a "dinner party" for my girls before the show. I hosted it at my fiance's home, even though he didn't have much for me to work with. I went to storage (aka, grandma's basement) and picked up a table that I scored at moving sale for a store in the mall. I also picked up the crockpot trio from my parents (that I'm keeping until Thanksgiving) to cook the sides and keep them warm. I also stopped by Ikea to pick up some stemware, glass bowls and serving dishes. I had a few bottles of wine on hand, so I threw them in our wine holder.
We had such a great time! Lots of salmon, chicken and veggies to go around. I ended up spending about $150 for all of the food, wine and kitchenware. I learned to:
  • Find food that you can make ahead of time, then reheat the day of the party
  • Check out the ready-made section at Costco/Sam's Club.
  • Throw the food in the crockpot before work. Three dishes could have been cooking all day, cutting dinner time down.
  • Buy wine by the case, so you don't have to make a trip every time (and you'll have plenty for your party)

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