Saving Money on Save The Dates / by Erin Baynham

As the days go on and the budget gets wrecked, I have to keep asking myself: is it really worth it to purchase save the dates? For the longest, I was attached to Shine Wedding Invitations. I loved the shimmery paper and the fancy branding. But the save the dates, programs and invitations would cost us close to $700 from the company. And really--are these paper accessories really worth that much money? I'd rather people be wow'ed at the ceremony and reception rather than looking at some sheets of paper they'll likely throw away.

As far as the invites go, I'm highly considering buying printable invites and using a local printer to get the job done. We got a quote from an independent printer that says we can get 100 invites on card stock plus envelopes for $45! You seriously can't beat that. Here are some of the companies that I'm considering:

E.M. Papers --Unbelievable prices! (Image above)
Up Up Creative
Printable Press (pictured above)

I'm going to take some extra time to really weigh out these options. I'd hate to jump too quickly, but I'm pretty sure we'll go with E.M. Papers. I'll keep you posted! 

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