Lucky FABB: What I Loved and What Was A Waste / by Erin Baynham

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Lucky Fabb Conference in NYC. You know how it goes, getting up at 3 after freaking out all night, thinking your alarm won't go off. 4am, you're on the train, 8 am, you're in NYC. Here's a photo rundown of my experience. I also did a very thorough audio review which includes my notes from the conference, which you can download on Itunes (and subscribe to the Creative Colony Podcast!) , or play directly from this page. The audio player is at the bottom of the post.

How to Make It On Your Own Terms Lucky FABB Panel with Brandon Holley and Terry Lundgren

Editor In Chief Brandon Holley and Macy's President and CEO Terry Lundgren

The Big Picture Panel at Lucky FABB: Lauren Sherman, Leandra Medine, Leah Chernikoff, Annie Georgia Greenburg

Lauren Sherman, Leah Chernikoff, Annie George-Greenburg, Leandra Medine 

FABB Shoes on Leandra Medine and Annie Georgia Greenberg

Shoes! Namely Leandra's $990 Isabela Morant's...

Rachel Zoe and Brandon Holley at Lucky FABB

Brandon Holley and Rachel Zoe.

Rachel Zoe Presenting Her Line at Lucky FABB

Rachel Zoe selling showing her line.

Lucky FABB Procter and Gamble

The only real glimpse of "beauty" that I got out of Lucky Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference.

Procter and Gamble Signage at Lucky FABB

Amplifying Your Brand Panel at Lucky FABB: Deb Schwartz, Susan Lyne, Lauren Bush, Aliza Licht, Erica Domesek

Susan Lyne, Chairman, Gilt Groupe, Aliza Licht of DKNY, Erica Domesek of PS I Made This and Lauren Bush OF FEED

Justfab Jewels at Lucky FABB

JustFab jewels!!! They're already in my wish list!

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the conference. I really felt like it was more of a way to sell vendors and get those companies more blogger coverage. However, I did pick up some really great tips. As a beauty blogger, I didn't feel that we were really addressed. As I imagined, it would be an emphasis on fashion blogging. It made total sense! However, I think they threw the word "Beauty" in the conference title for good measure. I think I'll opt for IFB for now on. Again, I go into great detail about what I liked, what was lackluster, and all of the notes that I took in the audio podcast below. Download it and tell me what you think!

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